The Committee


Stephen Makin
I have been competing in triathlons since 2003/04 and joined Melbourne Triathlon Club in 2006/7. I’ve trained with fluid movements for the whole time I’ve been with the club. I’ve raced all distances from sprint through to full Ironman distance and have enjoyed them all, I enjoy the social friendly atmosphere the club offers and the competitive nature that exists within the squad. I also love the trash talk, I really enjoy the trash talk
    Kate Joiner
    Vice President
    Looking for a new challenge during hockey offseason, I came across the MTC beginners course, offered through their training partner Fluid Movements, and decided to give it a go. Having come from such a team oriented discipline, I was tentative about entering into one that seemed more individually focused but the Squad training sessions, race day support, training camps and the ever-important post session coffee meet-ups offered by the Club quickly made it a perfect fit. Now, nearly a year on, with some sprint races under my belt and consistent training with Fluid, I’m looking forward to seeing what next season will bring
      Lyndsey Foster
      I joined MTC when I moved to Melbourne in 2011, I didn’t know anybody when I moved here and joining the club enabled me to meet so many great people. Since then triathlon has well and truly become a way of life, I compete in all distances, up to Ironman. One of the many things I love about MTC is the inclusive nature and friendly environment.
        Gillian Turnbull
        Part of the reason for my moving to Melbourne was because of all the opportunities the city offered to be active and get outdoors. I’ve always been sporty and joining MTC seemed like a great way to meet people, make friends in a new country and learn a new skill (FACT: I couldn’t swim 25m without stopping for a break half-way across the pool when I first joined!) 3.5 years on and i’m still not exactly a fish in the water but I now don’t know what I would do without this wonderful group of people. I feel part of a community, the members are so supportive of everyone regardless of their level of ability, and training with Fluid means I’m probably the fittest I’ve ever been in my life.


          Barry Curran
          I joined Melbourne Triathlon Club at the start of the 2017/18 season after completing the beginners course. After moving to Melbourne from the UK earlier that year I needed something that took me outdoors experiencing this amazing city. I have completed sprint and olympic distance triathlons and I am really looking forward to building on some early successes next season. What I have loved about this club and Fluid Movements our training partner, is they have taken me from someone who could barely run 5kms to an actual triathlete (I now just get lost on runs!). Its incredibly inspirational training with exceptional athletes and the group training environment really pushes you.
            Sally McOrist
            I joined the Melbourne Triathlon Club following the beginners course early 2019. I’d been swimming with Fluid for a few months to help rehab a back injury and I wanted to continue to improve my fitness. My hubby and I moved to Melbourne in 2018 and also wanted to meet new people who enjoy training and coffee!  I’ve completed two sprint triathlons so far, overcome a serious fear of open water swimming and found the increase in confidence through training totally addictive. The MTC and Fluid group are friendly, inspirational and very supportive of us as first time triathletes.