The Committee


Stephen Makin
I have been competing in triathlons since 2003/04 and joined Melbourne Triathlon Club in 2006/7. I’ve trained with fluid movements for the whole time I’ve been with the club. I’ve raced all distances from sprint through to full Ironman distance and have enjoyed them all, I enjoy the social friendly atmosphere the club offers and the competitive nature that exists within the squad. I also love the trash talk, I really enjoy the trash talk
Isabelle Claxton
Vice President
I joined MTC in 2016 after starting triathlon in 2014. You could call me obsessed, but I prefer the term ‘committed’. When I’m not training or trying to remain upright on my bike, which sometimes poses a challenge, I study medicine, work at TFM (because you can never have too many bikes in your life) and generally just try to sit down as much as possible. Although people might question the choice of combination of study field and sport, training with such a great squad helps keep me sane, and the banter really is top-notch.
Lyndsey Foster
I joined MTC when I moved to Melbourne in 2011, I didn’t know anybody when I moved here and joining the club enabled me to meet so many great people. Since then triathlon has well and truly become a way of life, I compete in all distances, up to Ironman. I work as a HR consultant and also as a development level triathlon coach for Fluid Movements and MTC, coaching our main squad and also more novice level athletes. One of the many things I love about MTC is the inclusive nature and friendly environment.
Will Teare
After coming from a cycling background I joined MTC in 2016. Since joining I’ve completed my first Marathon and my first 70.3 with the help of Sean and Fluid Movements! My favorite time of the week is the Saturday morning long ride with FM, although my best (but most hated) leg is the swim; being surrounded by such a dedicated and talented group of athletes is always fantastic motivation to improve. I like my bikes glow-in-the-dark, my coffee strong and my runs long and flat.


Geoff Kohn
I’ve been a member of MTC since completing the beginner’s course in 2014. Coming off a base of no exercise for years, I’ve continued training with Fluid Movements and I’ve gained much personal satisfaction from competing at triathlon distances from Sprint to 70.3. I enjoy the friendly supportive atmosphere of the club and am happy and lucky to have found both a sport and a club which I love.
Leah Bygraves
Originally hailing from Queensland, I relocated from Brisbane in late 2014 and decided that MTC seemed like a pretty awesome social triathlon club. I’ve been doing triathlon for the last three years and due to my love hate (mostly hate) relationship with running, my focus is generally around shorter distances (and trying to not get injured).
I have degrees is Chemical Engineering and International Business and a masters on the way in Project Management. Most of my working life was spent on remote underground mining and oil and gas construction sites as a Project Controls Engineer. These days I coordinate tram services for Yarra Trams for large events such as Australian Open, Grand Prix and St Kilda Festival and well as working on the upcoming Metro Tunnel Project.
Tom Green
My career has spanned many areas including product firsts such as the fax machine, analogue mobile phone, CD player, portable CD player and SEGA’s launch into the UK. I have worked for IBM and SAP, involved in business process optimisation through software. I have also optimised the customer experience for banks, reducing the on­boarding from eight hours to 45 minutes and helped the UK Ministry of Defense secure their laptop data with encryption just to name a few examples.

Having been involved in Triathlons for the last 6 years and competing under the MTC flag for the last two, I’m now focused on helping to grow MTC in to the best it can be.

I’m always open to having a discussion about business, triathlons, technology, consciousness/philosophy or food and drink!

Peter Mack
My triathlon career has spanned three years so far. I have swum in a squad for 7 years and was inspired to participate in triathlon by people training for Melbourne Ironman. Career highlight so far has been getting across the finish line at Noosa where I intend to go back in 2018 and PB.

Injuries have hampered my training and racing for most of the last year which presented the opportunity to support the club and members. For an individual sport everyone has a team around them helping achieve their goals. I’m proud to be a member of MTC and love getting out in club gear.Peter Mac

Barry Curran
I joined Melbourne Triathlon Club at the start of the 2017/18 season after completing the beginners course. After moving to Melbourne from the UK earlier that year I needed something that took me outdoors experiencing this amazing city. I have completed sprint and olympic distance triathlons and I am really looking forward to building on some early successes next season. What I have loved about this club and Fluid Movements our training partner, is they have taken me from someone who could barely run 5kms to an actual triathlete (I now just get lost on runs!). Its incredibly inspirational training with exceptional athletes and the group training environment really pushes you.
Amanda Taylor
I’ve dabbled in triathlon for the last decade, but joined MTC last year to train with my husband who takes it much more seriously than me. I’ve been sidelined with poor health for the last six months and have been unable to train or race. The MTC and Fluid Movements family are so supportive whether you’re a novice or race winner and even when you can’t participate. I joined the committee this year to give back to the people who support you no matter what.
Holly Boland
I’ve loved competing in athletics since I was young, however after work runs became all that was manageable to keep active, so instead I enjoyed more long run events. Whilst living in Asia, the expat community introduced me to triathlon as a fun social event. From that first race, I knew I’d found a new favourite sport. Moving back to Melbourne in 2017, joining a tri team was key to settling into my new city and meeting new friends. Linking up with MTC and being coached by Fluid Movements in the beginner squad, offered a more thorough introduction to the sport which prepared me to compete in my first sprint series. I now know that the ‘fun social’ side of triathlon training can be gruelling & tiring but equally rewarding at the end of each session, race and hot cup of coffee.