About MTC


MTC provides a professional, supportive and fun environment for athletes to train, race and socialise.

Who we are

MTC? We’re different, here’s how:
We focus on providing a supportive environment with people you’ll love and a club you’ll be proud to call home. For coached or social training, support, chilling out or smashing it, we’re the club you’ve been looking for.

We are a non profit club and we exist purely to benefit members. So if you’re interested in being part of a club that’s only interest is you, then join MTC.

What we offer

We provide a fun, supportive and social environment for members training for and competing in triathlons . We have regular catch ups and social functions including our Season opening party, Annual Awards night and of course who can miss the all important post training and post race breakfasts.

MTC offers a wide range of training support for triathletes of all ages, abilities and race distances. This includes access to coaching, clothing, equipment discounts through our various partners and training camps. Check out our Training area for more information.

Our Mission

MTC is a triathlon club dedicated to offering a fun, supportive and inspiring environment for athletes and their families to train, race and socialise. MTC offers comprehensive group training for all abilities, social and educational events and quality race-day support – made possible by the support of our partners.


The following documents are available for members to review. If you have any questions then please ask a committee member.

Melbourne Tri Club Inc. is a non-prescribed incorporated association under Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012 and MTC is governed according to its Club Rules (Constitution).