The Committee


Gillian Turnbull
I joined Melbourne Triathlon Club back in 2015 when I first moved to Australia as it seemed like a good way to meet people and to learn to swim; I have stayed around for so long because of the friends and the support the club has offered me. We have members of all levels and capabilities ranging from those competing at world-championship level to those just wanting to learn a new skill – which means I am continually amazed and inspired by the athletes that join us. I have actually taken a little break from competing in triathlons to focus more on ultra-trail running but I have chosen to remain at MTC because of the supportive and fun atmosphere it offers, even if my focus is a little bit different!
    Lyndsey Foster
    Vice President
    I joined MTC when I moved to Melbourne in 2011, I didn’t know anybody when I moved here and joining the club enabled me to meet so many great people. Since then triathlon has well and truly become a way of life, I compete in all distances, up to Ironman. One of the many things I love about MTC is the inclusive nature and friendly environment.
      Jessica Hood
      I started my triathlon journey in 2016 and have been a member of Melbourne Triathlon Club since 2021.

      I have found MTC to be an inclusive and supportive club, with members ranging from beginners to seasoned professionals, all of whom are willing to have a chat and give advice.

      I love the social aspect, and let’s be honest – the post session brunch is the best part of training!

        Jarrod McPherson
        I did my first Triathlon in 1988 and have been involved in Triathlons as an athlete, volunteer,
        committee member, technical official or spectator ever since.

        I joined MTC in 2021 after moving from southern bayside to inner city Melbourne as I knew it would be a great way to meet like-minded people. What struck me most was the number of high performing athletes and the lack of egos. You can be training with a World, National or State champion, but everyone is treated exactly the same by the coaches and club members. Further, every success, no matter how large or small, is celebrated by all. It is a truly inclusive club.


          Andrew McOrist
          I commenced my triathlon journey in 2018, with no training or knowledge. In 2019 along with my far better half Sally, Joined the club with the beginner’s program.

          I have never felt so welcomed in a sporting environment as I have at MTC. I have previously played football & cricket (in much younger days) & I couldn’t believe the variety of people / occupations/ countries of origin, age variations that made up this great club. Sean & Lyndsey are not only great people, but exceptional coaches.

          In the words of Molly Meldrum, do yourself a favour & give it a go.

            Sally McOrist
            I joined the Melbourne Triathlon Club following the beginners course early 2019. I’d been swimming with Fluid for a few months to help rehab a back injury and I wanted to continue to improve my fitness. My hubby and I moved to Melbourne in 2018 and also wanted to meet new people who enjoy training and coffee!  I’ve completed two sprint triathlons so far, overcome a serious fear of open water swimming and found the increase in confidence through training totally addictive. The MTC and Fluid group are friendly, inspirational and very supportive of us as first time triathletes.
              Paige Ajani
              After being convinced to give a half Ironman a go I joined Melbourne Tri Club in August 2021. What was to be a one off race has now ignited a new passion of mine. In a year having now competed in one Olympic distance and two 70.3’s (Melbourne and Cairns) I have my sights set on a full Ironman in 2023. I have loved the supportive environment within the club and meeting people I will call friends for life. Post squad training coffees are what gets me up everyday. There’s nothing better than achieving a good session and social coffees all before a work day starts.
                Stephen Makin
                I have been competing in triathlons since 2003/04 and joined Melbourne Triathlon Club in 2006/7. I’ve trained with fluid movements for the whole time I’ve been with the club. I’ve raced all distances from sprint through to full Ironman distance and have enjoyed them all, I enjoy the social friendly atmosphere the club offers and the competitive nature that exists within the squad. I also love the trash talk, I really enjoy the trash talk
                  Kristin Ferguson
                  Having wanted to give triathlon a go since I was a teenager, I finally began training in 2020. It wasn’t until I joined Melbourne Triathlon Club (MTC) in 2021, I realised training is so much more entertaining with friends! The club is incredibly inclusive and supportive, whether you are a complete newbie (like me) or competing at an international level. There is nothing like racing, knowing that MTC members will be cheering you on, both on and off course. And who could forget post-squad coffee (or chocolate milkshake), it’s the reason I train!